A glimpse into the mind of a naturally developed clairvoyant

Here is a rare opportunity for a glimpse into the mind of a naturally developed clairvoyant, Jose Silva, who created a method so everyone could function in this manner. This gives us a very valuable clue as to how we, as Silva graduates, can function better in our day-to-day lives.

The following is an exact, unedited transcript of a conversation with Jose Silva, conducted during a conference in Mr. Silva's office in Laredo. Silva Newsletter editor Ed Bernd Jr. had been waiting for an opportunity when Mr. Silva was obviously functioning creatively and clairvoyantly, and was "tuning in" to get answers and information.

The physical signs included a sort of "far away" look, eyes turned upward and towards the left, and eyelids fluttering from time to time. The tone of voice was soft and thoughtful, the words flowing out smoothly and making a lot of sense. When all of these signs were noticed, the interviewer asked:

Q: Stop and think for just a moment if you would: Exactly what kind of mental process were you going through when you were giving me that answer?

Silva: Whenever I need to find the answer, I am accustomed to getting a feeling, to remember a feeling I get to enhance my ability to get information. I am familiar with this feeling because of practice and experience.

For instance, when I was working with Harry McKnight to develop a glossary of terms in the Graduate Seminar manual, I would get into a state of concentration and an idea would come, in many and different ways, many descriptions for one word, many kinds of meanings for the same situations. When I would come out, it would not always make the same kind of sense that it made within. So I always try to go with it as I sense it, and if it continues to make sense at the outer levels, then I'd go with it.

(Note: Throughout this interview, he continued to show the same physiological signs of "tuning in" as the signs that prompted the question.)

Q: You said a "feeling." Is it like a physical feeling?

Silva: It is like an emotional feeling more than anything else. Kind of a mental thing. You can not explain it. It is not physical. It is a feeling you get through experience, of having come up with information successfully before, and you have detected that feeling when that took place.

I notice on this book that I'm writing now, that I get stuck sometimes and don't know where to go from that place. Then I concentrate and immediately the doors are opened and I start off writing again, with more information.

Q: What do you mean "concentrate"? Exactly what mental process?

Silva: Just quiet down your mind and go back to thinking the way you have thought before when you were successful.

Q: Do you review a success?

Silva: No, not necessarily. You could do that too. Go back to the level where you learned to go. But the thing is, eventually you don't have to review a success, you just provoke that feeling, or desire that feeling, and you are back to the level where you should come up with the information. Just by knowing that you want the information, automatically you will become attuned, because of your desire, to the same level.

Q: How does the information come? Do you hear it?

Silva: No, it just occurs to you.

Q: Just like your own thoughts?

Silva: Like as though it is a natural thing, you knew it all the time and you have to say it.

Q: Can you tell me how you, personally, invoke that feeling?

Silva: It is automatic once you get used to doing it, because you have been doing it for so long you know. You need to concentrate because you need the information, and you need some way to get the information, you just develop a way of getting the information you need, by concentrating in a way that starts the information flowing in to you again. It's as though you are asking for the information, and it comes to you.
I always believe that when Rabbi Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive," "Knock and it shall be opened," it is something like that; it is as though when I desire to have information, I am asking and it comes. It comes from the inner dimension, not the outer dimension. It is a special type of concentration. You are looking for that feeling that you have developed, have eventually developed, through practice.

Q: That "Special feeling that comes with success" that you have talked about before?

Silva: That would be it. That's it, because actually you recognize that feeling and you like that feeling, because when you have succeeded, you stay on it a little longer because it is a good feeling to be successful. So the more times you get to feel that feeling of success, the easier it comes to you. Like, practice makes perfect.

Q: You have told us that after practicing enough successful health cases, you no longer need the 3 to 1 and 10 to 1 ritual, but can simply "daydream" and the daydreaming becomes "creative and the true reality." Is that what you're doing?

Silva: Yes. That's what we're talking about. That's the best way I can explain it. You're not really seeing anything, you let your eyes go wherever they want to go, but usually it's to the left, you see? To the left and slightly upwards. And then you start daydreaming. You stare, defocus your vision, and information starts coming to you, when you desire it, and when there's a need for it. You don't just play with it, but when you need to have information, then you use your method for provoking the feeling, to open the door to the information.

Q: Then it is not necessarily an imaging? You are not necessarily daydreaming in pictures?

Silva: No. Well, it would be similar to daydreaming, because when you start getting information you start making images of it, for it, or with it. But you don't make the images before the information comes. You make the images after the information comes.

Q: And it is not a clairaudience, like hearing a voice or something?

Silva: No. It is just like your own thoughts coming to you. But it is the information you desire from the inner dimension.