Here is how we are connected to a universal intelligence

All information seen (with your eyes) leaves an impression on your left brain hemisphere. The detection of this information by your mind (remembering) is called visualizing.

Information impressed on your left brain hemisphere is transferred and impressed on your right brain hemisphere.

There is also information impressed directly on your right brain hemisphere. This information comes by subjective (non-physical) means.

The information impressed on the right brain hemisphere is not transferred and impressed on the left brain hemisphere.

The Silva Method calls the left and right brain hemispheres the "mental screen."

Higher communication

It is believed that high intelligence (God) can know about us through the impressions made on the right brain hemisphere.

High intelligence cannot see or hear on this plane of existence because of their different fundamental atomic structure on their plane of existence. High intelligence is spiritual, and has no eyes or ears. They detect the information that has made an impression on our brain (our mental screen), the right brain hemisphere.

We are all connected

The left brain hemispheres of humans are individual and separated from one another physically.

The right brain hemispheres of humans are connected to one another through subjective (invisible) means.

The right brain hemisphere functions as if it were one cell of a giant brain made up of all right brain hemispheres of all humans on planet earth.

Information impressed on any right brain hemisphere can be detected by high intelligence through visualization, and can be detected through visualization by any human who is interested in solving problems.

All a person needs to do is to have a desire to solve problems and know how to function on ten cycles alpha, the connection to the right brain hemisphere.

Universal language

Transmission of mental pictures is the universal language for all intelligence on planet earth and throughout the universe.

Communication between us and intelligence on the other side is done by detecting (visualizing) mental impressions made on our mental screen (the right brain hemisphere).

The right brain hemisphere also contains and controls the energy fields that influence, through imagination, animate matter.

Human intelligence, through imaginative picturing, influences the abnormal back into the normal.

The right brain hemisphere (the mental screen) serves as a receiver-transmitter of mental pictures.

This serves as communication between us and others on this side, and between us and those on the other side (the spiritual plane).