A new field of science

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Our research lead us to develop a method of training the 90 percent who now use only the left brain hemisphere to think with, so that they will be able to use their right brain hemisphere to think with, just as the natural geniuses on the planet do.

This has created a whole new field of science called psychorientology - or "psyche-orientation," which means aligning your mind for success.

The Silva mind training systems are a product of this research, a product of psychorientology. Over the last 30 years, the Silva mind training systems have helped millions of people learn to think with the right brain hemisphere, and act with the left.

Many benefits

People who practice entering the alpha level, where they can think and make decisions and come up with ideas with the use of the right brain hemisphere, receive many benefits. They are:

  • Healthier.
  • Luckier.
  • Better decision makers.
  • More successful.
  • Happier.

When you begin to think at the alpha level, with the right brain hemisphere, you gain insight and understanding about many things, such as why we were sent here.

From the alpha dimension, we can understand that the reason we human beings were sent to planet earth is to improve conditions here.

But we have not been doing that.

We now know that the reason that our problems are growing faster than our solutions, is that 90 percent of people are thinking at the wrong brain frequency.

The correction for this problem is simple: Begin using the correct frequency for acting...the beta frequency, and the correct frequency for thinking...the 10 cycles alpha frequency.

This discovery compares with the discovery made in radio communications many years ago. Broadcast stations had saturated what is called the a.m. (amplitude modulation) band with stations.

This led to the discovery of another dimension, the f.m. (frequency modulation) band. And as you know from turning on your radio, you get less static and superior high fidelity reception on the new f.m. band.

Right brain thinking is a superior band for thinking:

  • It changes the subconscious into an inner-conscious level. This allows people to also use the information stored in the subconscious, consciously.
  • Right brain thinking - through intuition (ESP) - connects us mentally with all information on this planet, so that we can use this information to correct problems.
  • It also connects us with higher intelligence, so that we can get the guidance and help that we need.

Once people begin using the right brain hemisphere to think with, they will then start to comply with the mission assigned to them, which is to improve living conditions on planet earth.

Everybody can be a winner

This can happen when we gain by helping others to gain, and gain while helping the planet to gain.

In order to do this, all material gains are to be used to help us better carry out our mission here on earth.

Remember, we come here with nothing, and when we leave here, we return to wherever we came from with nothing.

So do not ask for more than what you need; but do ask for no less than what you need.

Besides helping themselves, graduates of the Silva mind training systems are also directly obligated to help improve conditions on the planet by promoting the new science of psychorientology.

When they introduce people to the Silva mind training systems - a product of the science of psychorientology - they are helping many individuals to comply with their mission.

Thus, Silva graduates are actually taking part in "The second phase of human evolution on this planet."

This is a highly responsible assignment. We say congratulations and thank you to all of you who are helping in this movement, and also helping other people to accomplish their mission on planet earth.

Human Evolution on Planet Earth

Now that we've considered the personal implications of the changes that are on the way, let's take a look, from another point of view, at the coming planetary shift in consciousness.

We speak of the second phase of human evolution on our planet as being spiritual evolution.

The latest cutting-edge scientific research into human functioning shows us the evolutionary highway into this new era.

Building blocks of matter

When we look to the past, we see that each new dimension has been firmly nested in the previous one.

In the beginning, before any matter could exist, there was pure spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy, which cannot be detected with physical instruments, is an attractive force that holds matter together.

Spiritual energy functions through attraction.

Physical energy functions through repulsion.

This is an important distinction, for it shows that it is only in the physical world, using physical means, that we can harm one another.

  • Since spiritual energy attracts, it cannot cause harm. Spiritual energy represents perfection, the underlying perfection of the whole universe. It is the mold that forms and shape everything.
  • Physical energy, on the other hand, is the energy that pushes things around, that forces things into different shapes, away from the original mold of the spiritual energy.

It is spiritual energy that forms and shapes atoms, and ultimately everything else on our planet.

There are certain characteristics that are repeated throughout the building blocks of matter. They are plurality, unity, and energy.

  • Plurality: An atom is made up of many parts, collectively called "subatomic particles."
  • Unity: These subatomic particles function together in a certain way, that we identify as an atom.
  • Energy: You have seen the results of the energy that is released when you separate the parts of an atom.

The simplest atom is hydrogen. It consists of one proton and one electron.

As the relationship of protons and electrons evolves into more complex forms, other atoms are formed.

The atomic dimension seems to have progressed in an orderly way, though we have not yet discovered all the laws of that development.

This growth continued toward greater and greater degrees of complexity until something interesting happened:

After a certain point of development, the organizing force could no longer sustain any further growth.

After that point, atoms seem to be unstable and begin to fly apart almost as they are formed.

That is the point of cessation of growth.

No matter where we look in time or space, we find only 104 atoms. Oh, a few more have been observed very briefly in the laboratory, but their time of existence is as small as a nanosecond.

Apparently the atomic dimension has reached a state of completion.

New developments

Scientists tell us that when the atomic dimension matured, the molecular dimension began. A molecule is a collection of atoms, but the sum total of a molecule is greater than the sum of each individual atom.

A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, functioning together in a certain way. It is not just three atoms at random, but three atoms held together by some kind of energy, in a particular way, so that they become a molecule of water.

It seems that at the height of stability of the atomic dimension - at the center point - a pulse of energy allowed a new birth, even before the atomic dimension ceased its growth.

This new birth represented a movement toward greater complexity. Molecules are made up of families of atoms, yet a molecule is actually more than just a collection of atoms.

It could be that the number of molecules is also finite and that the molecular dimension is also complete, but we have yet to have a Periodic Table of molecules.

Beginnings of life

The molecular dimension seems to be the bridge between inanimate matter and animate matter.

There are seven dimensions:

  1. Pure spiritual energy.
  2. Subatomic - spiritual dimension.
  3. Atomic - spiritual dimension.
  4. Molecular - part spiritual, part physical.
  5. Cells - physical dimension.
  6. Organs - physical dimension.
  7. Organ systems - physical dimension.

When we reach the cell dimension, we make a giant leap forward in evolution: What we refer to as life.

Yet no matter what the degree of complexity, we see that each dimension is nested firmly in the previous one.

And at each level, we have the same three characteristics of plurality, unity, and energy:

  • A molecule is a collection of atoms, but the sum total of a molecule is greater than the sum of each individual atom.
  • A cell is a collection of molecules, but the sum total of a cell is greater than the sum of each individual molecule.
  • An organ is a collection of cells, but the sum total of an organ is greater than the sum of each individual cell.

You can continue this same pattern to families of people. Each family member is an individual, but the sum total of a family is greater than the sum of each individual person.

  • A neighborhood is a collection of families.
  • A city is a collection of neighborhoods.
  • A county is a collection of cities.
  • A state is a collection of counties.
  • A country is a collection of states.
  • Our planet is a collection of countries.
  • Our solar system is a collection of planets.
  • Our galaxy is a collection of solar systems.
  • Our universe is a collection of galaxies.

At every level, we still have plurality, unity, and energy.

Anything that happens to a cell in your body affects your body.

Anything that happens to any person in the universe affects the whole of the universe.

Human evolution

So what's next? Will our physical bodies evolve more? Will we evolve more brain?

Scientific research indicates that our physical evolution has matured. There is no indication that we are growing a new part of the brain.

So what's next? Now that our human bodies and brains have matured, where do we go from here?

We can find the answer in the previous dimension: At the center of the brain.

What is nested firmly at the center of the brain?

That's where we find 10 cycles alpha.

And what do we find at 10 cycles alpha?

  • We find intuition, creativity, insight, divine guidance.
  • We find ideas, answers, and solutions at alpha - in the spiritual dimension - that are not available to us at beta - in the physical dimension.
  • We find people who are healthier, luckier, better decision makers, more successful, happier.

Shift in consciousness

The step that evolution made across the molecular dimension - from inanimate matter to animate, living, matter - was a gigantic leap forward in our physical evolution.

Now, the step from using only the physical dimension, to using both the physical and spiritual dimensions to come up with ideas, detect information, and correct problems, is a gigantic leap forward for humanity.

The pathway goes through alpha. Alpha is the connecting point between the left and the right brain hemispheres, between the physical and the spiritual dimensions.

We must take that step now. Our wonderful brains, and all of the tools that we have developed, are not solving the problems facing humanity.

  • Our political institutions are breaking down. In the United States, it is rare for a President to serve two full terms!
  • Our social institutions are breaking down. There are almost as many divorces as marriages. More people than ever are escaping from problems through the use of drugs.
  • For thousands of years, people have sought peace on earth, yet even today, there are 50 wars going on in various places on the planet.
  • Look at the challenges in the health field. As soon as we think we have a cure for one disease, something new comes along to challenge us even more.
  • Even religion. All around the globe, people are destroying each other in the name of the creator!

Something must be done. As we entered the final decade of the 20th century, walls came down - both literally and figuratively.

The super powers began to destroy weapons of destruction and work together for peace.

Yet during this same time, look at what happened when there was a border dispute in the Persian Gulf. Thousands of people were killed over that argument.

There must be a better way.

We're not talking about religion; we're not talking about politics. We're talking about using human intelligence to come up with better ways of solving problems.

If you want to be close to the creator, you must function as the creator does. The creator is not a destroyer. The creator is a creator. The creator engages in constructive and creative activities, not destructive ones.

A shift in consciousness

We must begin to use our spiritual faculties as well as our physical faculties.

There is more information available to us at alpha than at beta.

We can think more clearly. We can solve more problems at alpha.

It has been said that at beta - the physical dimension - we prey on each other; at alpha - the spiritual dimension - we pray for each other.

The change is at hand. Millions of people are already taking advantage of the spiritual dimension, by function clairvoyantly and creatively at the alpha dimension.

But this is only a drop in the bucket. There are more than 5 billion people on the planet. And most of then are still doing their thinking in beta.

We call the left-brain, beta-thinkers, eccentrics, because they are not centered. They need to learn to center themselves at 10 cycles alpha brain frequency, so that they can use both bran hemispheres to think with, so that they can use both the physical and the spiritual dimensions.

Those who use only beta, only the left brain hemisphere, are out of balance. They need to be centered.

Right now, the eccentrics are causing more problems than the centered people can correct.

But there is hope, as more and more people learn to center themselves and function clairvoyantly and creatively.

One day - and we hope it is soon - when enough people are functioning at 10 cycles alpha, you will see the greatest changes that have ever taken place on this planet.

We will finally be able to fulfill our mission and convert the planet into a paradise.

A formula for success

Let me leave you now with the final formula that we use at the end of our Silva meditations:

You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow.

You will consider the whole of humanity, depending on their ages, as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters.

You are a superior human being; you have greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others.