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Benefits of the Alpha Sound

by Jose Silva

The alpha frequency has no sound. Alpha is 10 cps, and the hearing range of human beings is no lower than 20 and no higher than 20,000. So alpha is below the threshold of the human being.

How do we hear alpha, if we should call it the alpha sound?

Well, to get the same results, we took an audio generator, 600 cycles audio generator, and interrupted the sound 10 times per second and recorded that. It gives you the same effect.

It is very comparable to the output of the brain, when converted to sound, to this sound, the alpha sound. Identical.

For instance, if we detect the alpha sound in micro volts, and convert it into volts, and convert it into sound, this is the sound.

If we detect the energy in space, that was done, but is detected into micro volts, this magnetic field fluctuating at 10 times per second, 2 or 3 micro volts, can be amplified to volts, same thing:
So then, the way the energy in space sounds, the way the brain frequency sounds, we duplicated this with this audio generator, interrupted 10 sounds per second. That's why we call it the alpha sound, even though alpha has no sound.

Relaxing music

Some want to play soft music in the background, and that's supposed to relax you. That's physical, left brain, not slowing down the frequency of the brain. Just relaxing your mind, not your brain, see?

You stay awake listening to music, you don't go to sleep. We want you to go in the direction of going to sleep, but not go to sleep. It's a different thing.

So there is relaxing music for the left brain. There is relaxing music for the right brain.

The music of the left brain is more stimulated by the volume of sound. The music of the right brain is stimulated more with the beauty of the music. It can be barely heard, but you enjoy it tremendously. The other one is addictive. You want more and more volume. That's why discotheques are blowing out eardrums. They want more and more still, until they can't go any louder any more.

They want the whole (brain to shake). That's music for the left brain.

Music is not a constant frequency, it is fluctuating. We don't want the brain to be fluctuating back and forth and following the frequency of sound. We want the brain to follow a constant frequency, decreasing. It is monotonous. Slowing down.

But music...rushes all over the place. Frequency changing all the time. How can that guide the brain to where it needs to be?

You're not going to enter alpha with soft music. You have to have something that the brain can follow. Starts with the metronome, decreasing its frequency from beta to delta...but we don't want to go any farther than theta.

Every time your brain detects a sound, it reacts. So when your brain detects 10 sounds per second - with the alpha sound - it is reacting 10 times each second. This is how the sound helps your brain to pace itself to the alpha rhythm.

You can use the Alpha Sound to help you remain at your center while doing your own programming at your own pace. This can help you reach an even greater depth because you are less dependent on a recording and more involved personally.

Restore normal health

In addition, many graduates report that they have received healing benefits from using the Alpha Sound. Many have reported that the alpha sound helps them recover from injury and illness more rapidly. They hold the speaker of the audio player over the area of concern (about a quarter of an inch away from the body) and play the Alpha Sound at full volume.

Scientists theorize that the electromagnetic pulsations from the speaker stimulate subatomic particles, which helps in the correction of problems.

An audio player has a speaker that has a permanent magnet that has a standing (not modulated) magnetic field. The Alpha Sound recording modulates (causes the magnetic field to pulse) at ten cycles per second.

Researchers theorize that by placing the speaker side of the audio player immediately next to the injured or afflicted part of the body (leaving one-quarter inch air space between the audio player and the body so you do not mute the sound), then every cell within the afflicted area then gets a magnetic-field massage at ten cycles per second when the Alpha Sound is playing.

The audio player can be used in this manner three times a day, 15 minutes each time. It should be at full volume. Researchers believe that this magnetic massage stimulates (excites) the sub-atomic particles.

The theory is that after each application, the excited sub-atomic particles, when resettling, will resettle naturally into the original healthy state. This is believed to help the body's natural healing process.

Whenever you are programming for health, remember to follow the instructions correctly. Some people think that if a little bit is good, a lot is better. Not necessarily so. You need the time between sessions for the body to make the corrections.

You can spend 15 minutes using the tape player with the Alpha Sound to stimulate the sub-atomic particles in the afflicted area, but then you must allow time for them to settle back down the way they are supposed to be.

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